Performance & Practice

The Performance and Practice sub-committee is made up of representatives from twelve authorities, plus representatives from the Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division, COSLA, RTPI Scotland and Improvement Service.


  • To provide support, guidance and advice to the HOPS Executive in respect of Planning Performance and Practice matters and other relevant matters, which are not within the role or remit of the other Sub Committees. This includes areas of performance management, training, education and development, and planning finance and resources.
  • To influence and develop opportunities to work collaboratively to make positive contribution to planning reforms and improvements by identifying good and best piratic, benchmarking across member authorities, and representing the views of Scottish LPAs.
  • To act as an initiator of changes and improvements by consulting, lobbying, leading and challenging on behalf of the Executive Committee or for the Executive Committee


  • To consider key press-cutting issues primarily with the Scottish Government, RTPI, COSLA, Improvement Service and Audit Scotland colleagues.
  • These priority areas will include planning fees and financial management, planning reforms, resources and staffing, performance management and culture change
  • Working together with the Scottish Government to ensure that any proposed changes to legislation, policy or practice are assessed against the statutory role of LPAs and the practical implementation of any proposed changes.
  • To determine what relevant consultations should be responded to as directed by the Executive Committee
  • To discuss and prepare consultation responses as required for consideration by the Executive Committee directly if delegated to the Sub-Committee by the Executive Committee
  • To drive forward with the continual improvement of the Planning Performance Framework (PPF) in particular, indicators, scope, content and methodology, in consultation with the other themed sub-committees on behalf of the Executive Committee and the wider HOPS membership
  • To oversee the overall management of the HOPS website
  • To provide regular updates for the HOPS website and all agenda papers and Notes of Meetings
  • To appoint officers to internal and external working groups as required
  • The Chair to provide recommendations to the Executive Committee of any new membership, including secondments on a temporary or permanent basis

Remit achieved by

  • Having clear programme of work being undertaken, including what working groups the Sub Committee are providing representation from the wider HOPS membership
  • Ensuring that all representatives son such groups provide a written briefing note on the progress of those working groups to each sub-committee meeting, as required
  • Having membership which is well informed with a sound understanding of planning modernisation and management practices
  • Identifying areas of collaboration and innovation to positively improve the planning system
  • Focusing on key issues, best practice, shared experiments, formal an informal benchmarking and the commissioning of any surveys or audits across all planning authorities, when considered necessary

Core Script

The Sub-Committee will take an open and inclusive approach to its work, with members disseminating information to and being informed by the wider HOPS membership


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