Heads of Planning Scotland (HOPS) is the representative organisation for senior planning officers from Scotland’s 32 local authorities, 2 national park authorities and 4 strategic development planning authorities.

The primary purpose of HOPS is to:

  • Promote the profile of public sector land use planning
  • Support and promote excellence in planning and planning leadership
  • Ensure the delivery of a culture of continuous improvement in planning authorities
  • Provide advocacy and coordination to ensure that planning authorities are properly resourced to deliver quality outcomes.
  • Represent the collective and majority views of Scottish planning authorities in responding to national consultations, recognising that individual authorities may submit their own individual response.
  • Carry out research and survey work with the assistance of Scottish planning authorities.
  • Work towards a planning system which is simplified and streamlined, adequately resourced and fit for purpose

HOPS has an Executive Committee which oversees its activities, supported by four sub-committees (Development Management; Development Planning; Performance & Practice; Energy & Resources).

HOPS Committees


Updated 20/6/19

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