HOPS Committees

Executive Committee
Chair – Iain McDiarmid (Shetland Islands Council)
Senior Vice Chair – David Leslie (City of Edinburgh Council)
Junior Vice Chair – Forbes Barron (Glasgow City Council)

Members –  Angus Gilmour, Robert Nicol, Irene Beautyman, Jim Miller, Craig McLaren, Brian Frater,  Pam Ewen, Kate Cowey, Stuart Tait, Stuart Mearns, Robert Gray, Steve Rogers, Jim Grant, Pamela Clifford, Suzanne Shearer, Beverly Smith and David Mudie

Development Management Sub-committee
Chair – Beverly Smith (Moray Council)
Vice Chairs – Nancy Jamieson (City of Edinburgh Council) and Alastair Hamilton (Fife Council)

Members – representatives from all planning authorities

Development Planning Sub Committee
Chair –  Suzanne Shearer (Shetland Islands Council)
Vice Chair – Jill Paterson (Angus Council)

Members – representatives from all planning authorities

Performance and Practice Sub Committee
Chair – Christina Cox (Stirling Council)
Vice Chair – Pamela Clifford (West Dunbartonshire Council)

Members – Steve Rogers,  Craig McLaren, Chris Sinclair, David Leslie, Pam Ewen,  Pamela Clifford, Gregor Hamilton, Sarah Shaw, Gillian McCarney, Heather Holland, Ian Dryden and Irene Beautyman

Energy and Resources Sub Committee
Chair – David Mudie (The Highland Council)
Vice Chairs – Ian Aikman (Scottish Borders Council) and David Suttie (Dumfries and Galloway Council)

Members – Wendy Forbes, David Moore, David Love, Tony Irving, Martin McGroarty, Brendan Turvey, William Carlin, Craig Iles, Alan Farquhar, Ruth Finlay, John Milne, David Barclay, Peter Marshall and James Wright

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