Performance & Practice Action Plan

Planning Act Support

  • Collaborating with the Scottish Government on their Skills and Leadership working group.

Digital Transformation

  • Collaborating with the Digital Planning Team at the Scottish Government on the actions set out in the digital planning strategy.

Planning Skills, Training and Education

  • HOPS are represented on the Partners in Planning working group
  • HOPS have inputted into the Skills in Planning research being carried out by EKOS on behalf of Skills Development Scotland and Partners in Planning

Education Infrastructure

  • HOPS are currently assisting Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Government with Education Infrastructure research

Planning Service Resources

  • HOPS are currently carrying out monitoring work with all planning authorities looking at the impact of COVID-19 on planning applications, fee income and business practice

Planning Performance Framework (PPF)

  • HOPS are assisting the Scottish Government with ongoing PPF work


Updated 22/01/2020

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