Performance & Practice Action Plan

Planning Act Support

  • Collaborating with the Scottish Government on their Skills and Leadership working group.
  • Respond to consultations associated with the Planning (2019) Act related to performance, fees and skills. Continue to work in collaboration with Scottish Government and other stakeholders to shape emerging requirements, including revision of the PPF. 
  • Coordinate a survey of Planning Authorities to establish the impact of Covid-19 on statutory planning fee income across Scotland

Digital Transformation

  • Collaborating with the Digital Planning Team at the Scottish Government on the actions set out in the digital planning strategy, particularly involvement in the forthcoming Digital Planning Programme and the ‘Governance Mission’ workstream of the Digital Strategy

Planning Skills, Training and Education

  • HOPS are represented on the Partners in Planning working group
  • HOPS have inputted into the Skills in Planning research being carried out by EKOS on behalf of Skills Development Scotland and Partners in Planning

Education Infrastructure

  • HOPS are currently assisting Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Government with Education Infrastructure research

Planning Service Resources

  • Continue to consider resourcing planning in context of Planning Act provisions.  Carrying out monitoring work with all planning authorities looking at the impact of COVID-19 on planning applications, fee income and business practice

Planning Performance Framework (PPF)

  • HOPS are assisting the Scottish Government with ongoing PPF work


Updated 22/10/2021

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