Development Planning Action Plan

Implementing the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019- Secondary Legislation and Guidance

  • Maintain an audit of each local authorities intentions under the transitional arrangements.
  • Collaborate with the Scottish Government on the development of Regional Spatial Strategy, Local Development Plan and Local Place Plans regulations and guidance.
  • Respond to consultations.


  • Collaborate with the Scottish Government on the production of NPF4 and SPP.
  • Respond to consultations.

Public Health Reform

  • Working with the IS on feeding public health into NPF4.
  • Consider the impacts of Covid-19 on future planning policy at all levels.

Housing Policy

  • Collaborating with the Scottish Government and Homes for Scotland through input on the Housing Advisory Panel.
  • Continue to promote ‘Creating Great Places’.
  • Respond to consultations.

Digital Transformation

  • Collaborating with the Digital Planning Team at the Scottish Government on their digital planning strategy.
  • Share good practice


Updated 22/01/2020

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