Scottish Planning Policy and Housing: Proposed Policy Amendments

Last week saw the publication of the the draft amendments for housing policy and associated consultation by the Scottish Government. HOPS welcome the steps being taken to bring clarity in a deeply complex policy area. We have previously provided detailed thoughts on this matter in our response to the Housing Technical Paper for NPF 4 and our previous research paper “Creating Great Places for People – HOPS Recommendations on Planning for Housing” (both of which can be read in full here). Through these papers HOPS had raised concerns on a number of matters and have put together a set of recommendations based on the following key principles:

  • clarification of delivery roles between the public and private sector;
  • simplicity and clarity in the terminology utilised;
  • reduction in the number of terms with a focus on delivery of Targets;
  • fuller engagement between housing and planning professionals;
  • provision of fuller information at Evidence Report stage of the Local Development Plan; and,
  • corporate responsibility for housing Targets and delivery.

The draft amendments for housing policy have provided a positive step in addressing some of these elements. HOPS are currently taking time with the members of our Development Planning sub-committee to discuss proposals raised in the consultation. We are also looking to see the potential effects on the system from other perspectives and will seek to speak to a variety of stakeholders to help inform our response. For HOPS and others it is imperative that close work continues with the Scottish Government through the NPF 4 Housing Advisory Panel.

HOPS Executive 24th July 2020

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