Climate Change, Energy & Resources Action Plan

Climate Change Low Carbon Economy

  • Continue to be appraised of opportunities for encouraging reduction in energy demand, increasing use of energy storage, peaking plants, and other emerging technologies in the flexibility market 
  • Develop guidance relating to Battery storage (BESS) applications in association with NatureScot/SEPA/HSE and others
  • Develop a mechanism/forum for sharing awareness and knowledge on delivering energy efficiency and low-cost heat networks, including assessment of schemes 
  • Understanding the benefits of Carbon Capture and Storage and sharing the knowledge 
  • Develop best practice and guidance on Environmental Clerk of Works in large scale projects 
  • Develop understanding the benefits of Carbon Capture and Storage and sharing the knowledge

Renewable Energy

  • Continue to be appraised of new developments in renewable energy production and transmission/distribution
  • Continue to develop awareness of evolving policy and legal frameworks
  • Continue to contribute to the discussion on future NPF4
  • Develop standard conditions and guidance around use of Environmental Clerk of Works and monitoring of development proposals


  • A watching brief is being kept on mineral operations
  • Produce guidance on mine gas safety
  • Input into Scottish Government’s national/regional mineral supply data base (currently undertaken by BGS)
  • Consider further opportunities for training (within limits of remaining budget)


  • Explore how planning can influence reduction in waste in new development
  • Share knowledge of energy from waste schemes

Updated 18/07/2022

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